Development Communication

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Development Communication

Development communication is communication about social issues. Development Communication is our team’s core skill and passion. We are development practitioners with communication expertise. When we work in the social development arena, we have the ability to integrate with the environment, and use the techniques and tools of development communication to facilitate the improvement of quality of live for individuals, communities and networks. Over the past 10 years, we have completed many successful development projects, and our case-studies are available here.

Living in South Africa, a developing country where billions is spent annually on social upliftment, social development and sustainable and charitable projects, we know the difference between development for the sake of development, and real meaningful change.


One of the most reliable and apt sources on this topic is “Development Communication Sourcebook” by Paulo Mefalopulos, published by the World Bank. DevCom wholeheartedly adapt and work in the manner described in this book – best practice globally. Below, some powerful quotes to illustrate our philosophy on Development Communication:


Too often the most important missing element in development programs was genuine (two way) communication between decision makers, the experts, and the so-called beneficiaries. Media, no matter how technologically advanced; messages, no mater how skillfully packaged; and information, no matter how relevant, are not enough to bring meaningful and sustainable results. These results can only be achieved if the people involved (stakeholders) are part of the process leading to change. This realization shifted my professional focus from media to people, and from the products to the process.”

 “Two-way communication, used to understand, assess, explore, and facilitate decision making related to change, combined with the effective use of one-way communication approaches, has been proven to significantly enhance the results and sustainability of development initiatives.”


Like Paolo, DevCom has two key messages about development communication:

  1)    Two way communication, when used from the onset of a development initiative, is not only useful but also a necessary ingredient to enhance development initiatives and avoid the failures of the past.

  2)    Two-way communication should be applied professionally by specialists familiar with the rich body of knowledge and the diverse range of methods, techniques, and tools of development communication.

 In South Africa, we are thé leaders in development communication.