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Communication research

Global best practice indicates measurement and evaluation as a vital component in communication because it enables you to calculate your return on investment. Communication research provides you with quantitative results and board-ready reports.

DevCom is a multi-award winning communication agency, specialising in strategic communication in a measured manner. We believe that action-research, answering practical, business-related questions for communicators, adds to the difference of a communication team delivering towards the business bottom line, and ones who don’t. DevCom does not seek to replace your current communication agency. We specialize in measurement and evaluations, making sure your current communication efforts are producing return on investment.

Our communication research services include:
• Communication audits – the audit can be as big or as small as our client require, and can isolate specific communication functions i.e. brand audits, internal communication audits, stakeholder audits, or community audits. A Communication Audit can assess the satisfaction of the information needs of internal stakeholders, the quality of the messages received, effectiveness and efficiency of communication media, quality of the communication network, the communication climate and the impact communication is having on company outcomes.
• Establishing base-line results before communication projects
• Message testing
• Measuring results of communication during the implementation phase
• Evaluation of communication projects to indicate results.

We have conducted 62 audits in the past 10 years, and continue our excellence through involvement with best practice development on a global scale through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Our track record with auditing speaks for itself. 35% of our communication projects that we’ve conducted audits for and implemented, resulting in peer recognition through industry awards.


We guarantee results.


DevCom is fanatical about measurement. Research is the mortar that holds the bricks of our campaigns together. Business results are the reason we exist.

Having completed 62 research projects over the past 10 years, DevCom knows a thing or two about asking questions. Our research process is tried and tested and we invite you to make it your own.



The lessons we've learnt
- Budget isn't everything; neither is pure science. Don't call off the research because there is no budget; rather decrease the sample size, do away with triangulation, get students to do data capturing – or whatever else is required to get the business questions answered. Remember: communication research is about understanding the issues, not research theory.
- Make sure you ask the right questions. For instance, in a study we did around absenteeism we started by drilling down to find the main issue. Is absenteeism about work ethic? What drives a person's decision to come to work or not? In the end, our research was about time. We discovered that employees did not understand what type of leave required which permissions, and that there were different perceptions around who the owner of a person's working time was. Lesson: frame the questions around the core concept you need answers for.
- Be creative. Surveys are great, but they don't give you much of a storyline. DevCom always tries to use methods that would make participants' thoughts visible.