Case Studies

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DevCom shares award winning case studies

Timbali Technoly Incubator- Production increase of 95%

At Timbali Technology Incubator, behaviour and attitude changes spearheaded by strategic communication, led to a production increase of 96%. Simultaneously, upwards communication flow improved with 15%; understanding of the “cost of development” grew from less than 20% of the audience to 90%; and the understanding of Timbali’s business and funding model increased from 60% to 100% (December 2012). Trusting internal stakeholders with your message, and equipping them to deliver it, is an extremely powerful stakeholder management strategy, as we experienced in the world of agri-incubation. Timbali Technology Incubator is an agri-incubator that sets up small-scale farmers in their own businesses. In doing so, its model addresses burning national issues such as food security, land utilisation and youth unemployment. This non-profit organisation receives its funding from government, private companies and international aid organisations.


Volkswagen SA- Team culture improves with 8%

Through strategic communicati on activities, DevCom helped Volkswagen SA to improve its team culture by more than 8%; decrease its absenteeism with 4% and create a 70% awareness of the company values. Our first big corporate client – the South African subsidiary of a multinational automotive company – validated our belief that creative, in-depth research is the only foundation on which a successful communication strategy can be built. The Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) plant in Port Elizabeth manufactures two vehicle models and engine derivatives for both the local and international markets. It employs over 4 000 people. At the end of 2010, VWSA launched a new strategy to take the business from “Good to Great” by 2014. Internal communication was an integral component of the strategy’s people pillar. Its role in “Good to Great” was the implementation of an internal communication strategy that would keep employees informed, provide communication support, communicate strategic initiatives and build relationships.


Sappi- Managing Risk: Fires reduced by 42%

The business objective of Sappi Southern Africa’s Forestry Division in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) is to meet the company’s mills’ timber demand. Plantation fires pose a major risk to achieving this objective. In the areas where DevCom implemented the Abashintshi social mobilisation programme with ABCD as methodology, the total number of fires reduced by almost 42%. The fact that 290 fewer hectares of forest were lost to fires in 2015, in effect saved Sappi an amount equal to 3.5 ti mes the project costs (excluding the costs of firefighting services). A multinational corporate whose core business is located in some of the country’s most remote rural areas gave us a phenomenal opportunity to explore just how powerful the combination of development communication and business strategy could be.


Doxa Deo- No loss of clients or staff during acquisition

The strategic partnership that Doxa Deo Schools entered into with Maragon Private Schools necessitated change anagement. Through pro-actively communicati on, the Maravest Group achieved an 88.6% buy-in from audiences. DevCom’s success in managing the grapevine was evidenced by 41.5% of the audience reporting that the grapevine messages matched the offi cial informati on. None of the teachers, pupils and parents left the school, proof that the biggest business risk was managed successfully. Attention to detail and respect for the views of all the stakeholders involved – even those who were still learning to read and write-helped our client to retain control of a potentially disruptive change process.


The Limpopo Jewellery Cluster- Lasting sustainable economic developement in tough conditions

DevCom implemented a R14-million, commercially viable, community development project, the Limpopo Jewellery Cluster, for the European Union, SEDA, DTI, Anglo Platinum and Vukani-Ubuntu in Polokwane, Limpopo, in only 16 weeks. It passed all the financial and project delivery audits without any qualifications.