About DevCom

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Who is DevCom?

The direct link between effective communication and achieving business objectives.

In a growing business you have to stick to the basics; there is no time, money or resources to waste on indecision or ineffective activities. You need to move quickly, know the basics and implement them.

When it comes to communication, growing businesses almost always need to get the basics in place. A campaign is not what you need. You need a strategy that can bring about change and enable you to sell through personal conversations. And please remember: the person who designs your logo is not a strategic communicator who can help you to do this.

Just because you are small, doesn’t mean you cannot communicate strategically. In fact, because you are small you have the potential to communicate better than a corporate company.

What we do

At DevCom we understand before we do. Research is our non-negotiable point of departure. Once we have pinpointed the gap between your business and its objectives, and the needs and perceptions of your stakeholders, we design and implement communication strategies and action plans to bridge the divide.

Our areas of expertise are: